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Donations and Payments

Click the green arrow to contribute to the specified fund.
Ecuador Restoring the Cloud-Forest 2017-2018
The Rotary Clubs of Chicago and Moderno, Ecuador have partnered with the Jocotoco Foundation on a reforestation project.
Annual Campaign - Ches Perry Recognition
Thank you for participating in the annual campaign. All donations go to support the philanthropic service programs and projects sponsored by the Rotary Club of Chicago through the ROTARY/One Foundation. Donations of $1000 (not cumulative) or more are recognized as members of the Ches Perry Fellows.

Donations to the foundation are eligible for a possible tax deduction (please consult your accountant).
Job1 Sponsorship
This donation underwrites internships for Rotary Club of Chicago Job1 students to work at area not-for-profit organizations or other deserving institutions.
Monthly Statement: Member Invoice Summary
To pay for monthly statement amount as mailed to members; members may pay their dues and other accumulated charges through the website by credit card. In the comment section, please list the invoice numbers for which you are paying (i.e., INV#123) so your payment is properly recorded.
No. Illinois Alumni Association - Annual Dues
Networking/fellowship for Alumni of programs sponsored by the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International.
ROTARY/One Foundation
Support the club's foundation and service projects.


ROTARY/One Foundation

Rotaract Club of Chicago
University of Chicago Rotaract Club

Mailing Address:
65 West Jackson Blvd.
Chicago, IL 60604 
Meeting Reservations:
All welcome, please register in advance in CALENDAR.
(3 1 2) 8 5 7 - 3 1 6 1
Voice mail  or text message only
Virtual Office:
(3 1 2) 3 7 2 - 3 9 0 0
(not located at ULC)

Conor Gee,

David Phelps,
chief administrative officer

Nancy Phelps,
member services  
Nancy Ashburn,