Information for Students

We are in the process of updating the JOB1 materials for 2021. The application deadline will be in March 2021.

Please check back or contact Aleta Williams for more information.

2020 Interns

Holly Alston
Hunza Arshad
Brielle Buford
Aris Conyers
Isis Franklin
Seki Hassan
Donna Lopez
Julio Martinez
Denisse Ocampo
Olubukola Salawu
Alexander Shaw

2020 Rotary Committee

Aleta Williams – Chair
Karl Zimmerman – Chair
Erik Cempel
Lisa Russ
Cheryl McIntyre
Evan Freund
John Romans
Sarah Buck
Bob Finley
Donner Kahl
Rob Herney

2020 Rotary Employers

A Safe Haven
Perry and Associates
Krislov Law
Loquacious Culinary Events